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About Fimaksan

Our company deals with the production of wood working machinery since 1970. We manufacture our machines by combining the experience of long years with the development of technology and bring up first class products according to the TSE Standards.

Our company gives one year warranty for electric and hydraulic parts and two years warranty for self produced parts under the name of FIMAKSAN.

Our company helps his customers during the project planning of an integrated wood working plant and also after the sales of the machinery.

Vision and Mission

FIMAKSAN’s vision is to increase the quality of life of his customers, suppliers and employee. His mission is to be one of the most distinguished companies in the wood working machinery sector. His aim is to provide his customers with the best quality just in time.

FIMAKSAN moves towards his aim with the awareness that he will arrive there with the help of talented and competent people.

The company markets the products, which he develops and manufactures himself, in Turkey and abroad.

Quality Policy

Our main principal is the satisfaction of our customers. To achive this we have to find out the customer needs, respond to the customer demands, give the customer a fair price and deliver the machines just in time with good quality.

The mission of our company is to raise the Standard of living of our customers, employees and suppliers.

We must work efficiently and use the material and instruments effectively.

Our working facilities should be clean and safe.

Our administrative department must work hand in hand with our productive staff to give our customers the best service.

Alternative terms which help to reach our web site.

woodworking machinery; holzbearbeitungsmachinen; macchina per lavorazione del legno


* Resaws
* Resawing machines
* Band Resaws
* Trennbandsaegen
* Trennsaegen
* Refendini
* Log Carriages
* Blochspannwagen
* Stammspannwagen
* Spannwagen
* Carro Portatronchi
* Vertical Log Band Saws
* Hydraulic Vertical Log Band Saws
* Band Saw Headrigs
* Vertikal Blochbandsaegen
* Blochbandsaegen
* Hydraulische Blochbandsaegen;
* Hydraulische Vertikal Bandsaegen
* Collona Segatronchi
* Tandem Saw Headrigs
* Tandem Log Band Saws
* Colonne Segatronchi Affiancate
* Segatronchi Tandem
* Multiple Rip Saws
* Rip Saws
* Multy Rip Saws
* Circular Edging Saws
* Vorschnitt Kreissaegen
* Besaeummaschinen
* Sega Circolare
* Cross Cutting Machines
* Kappsaegen
* Conveyor Systems
* Sawmill
* Headblocks



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Address : Çark Sanayi Başak Sokak No: 37 Adapazarı / Sakarya 
Tel : 0264 274 94 58 - 278 75 37 


America Contact (USA)
Kerem Fidancı
Telephone :
001 832 526 75 83
Address : Houston / Texas
Mail : keremfidanci@hotmail.com


Telephone: +90 532 264 00 26